Nicholas Hoult's Google Instincts Are Highly Questionable — And Hilarious

You're about to learn more about Mr. Hoult than you ever needed to know.

"How do I hide a body?"

According to Late Late Show host James Corden, you have probably asked this question on Google before. It's a bit of a shock, certainly, but not as big of a shock as some of the other possible answers in his "Guess Google" game with "Mad Max: Fury Road" actor Nicholas Hoult.

For example, one of the more colorful options for "How do I hide ____" included "my big boner." And Hoult, because he is as much of a hero in real life as he is when playing Hank "Beast" McCoy in the "X-Men" movies, was more than adequately prepared to answer the question in the best way possible.

Find out that answer, and learn about all the things you absolutely SHOULD NOT try, in the bit below:

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