'Star Wars' Spin-Offs: Ewan McGregor Totally 'Up For' Obi-Wan Movie

Prequel actor rolled with the 'good idea' by adding suggestions of his own.

Last week, when the possibility of "Star Wars" spin-offs and standalone films became a reality instead of nerdy conjecture, minds began racing to figure out which characters from the galaxy far, far away might get the call. There were rumors of a Boba Fett film and the adventures of young Han Solo, but Harrison Ford doesn't exactly fit into that black vest anymore.

Many of the actors from the prequel films, however, are thankfully still close enough in age to their characters to allow a standalone movie. And if we're comparing that list with yet uncovered portions the "Star Wars" mythos, Ewan McGregor certainly springs to mind, and, guess what, he's totally up for it.

MTV News sat down with McGregor and his "Jack the Giant Slayer" co-star Stanley Tucci during a press event for the new film, and the former Obi-Wan Kenobi shared his thoughts on a possible spin-off movie.

"I think it's a good idea," McGregor said of getting his own film. "The only bit that I could get away with doing is after the last one I made, 'Episode III,' before Alec Guinness, there's that period where he's in the desert."

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McGregor is, of course, speaking of the period of time between the two trilogies, after Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader and before Luke Skywalker meets Old Ben Kenobi. The Jedi was supposedly watching over Luke while he grew up with his aunt and uncle on Tatooine, but what he did to keep himself busy is a mystery. "That might be my window, there, to tell that story," McGregor said. "I don't know what he did in the desert. We could make up some stuff."

Whatever the story might be, McGregor definitely seemed up to the task. "I'd be up for it," he said.

"Could be quite exciting. I'd be up for it, for sure, of course."

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