Ellie Goulding Singing About Her Love For Yoga Pants Is All Of Us

'I'm Ellie f--king Goulding in my activewear.'

Ellie Goulding is as crazy about activewear as you are, and a new video from Australian comedy group Skit Box proves it. Last month, the group dropped a hilarious parody song called "Activewear," in which they do everything in their activewear except, well, be active. ?

The power anthem really resonated with all the yoga-pants-wearing people of the world and racked up over 17 million views across the interwebs. Now Skit Box has #blessed us with a sequel song and vid, and this time, the "On My Mind" singer got in on all the activewear fun.

"We always wanted to do a follow up video for 'Activewear,'" Skit Box -- made up of Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop and Greta Lee Jackson -- told MTV News in an email. "Our director often collaborates with Ellie's record label on fun projects, so when Ellie came to Sydney they asked if we'd like to do something with her. And of course we said yes because it's Ellie f--king Goulding!"

Here's everything that Ellie accomplishes in her ~activewear~ in the video below:

> tweeting 5SOS

> firing her publicist

> being Ellie f--king Goulding

See the full video below.

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