7 Things We Have to See in the 'Pretty Little Liars' Christmas Episode

Will Santa Claus be the only red coat in town?

Christmas is coming early in Rosewood, which means there will be plenty of love and drama on "Pretty Little Liars." This year, the show swapped out its annual Halloween episode for some festive fun in the snow, but that doesn't mean things won't get spooky for the Liars. As they mourn Mona's death and deal with Alison forming a new team, new "A" suspects and bigger threats will be just around the corner. Oh, and dealing with Spencer potentially going to jail for Bethany Young's murder is also keeping everyone on edge.

For once, all of the girls look like they've found happiness for the holidays, keeping all of your favorite 'ships sailing smoothly. So when the episode ("How the 'A' Stole Christmas") airs on Dec. 9, we definitely want to see some mysteries unravel, but there also has to be some kissing under the mistletoe to balance it all out. Here are seven things that need to happen when Santa Claus brings his red coat to town.

1. A 'Ship Status Update

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Pretty Little Liars Christmas Group

Based on the photos from the episode, everyone looks like they're in love. Aria and Ezra, Spencer and Toby, Hanna and Caleb, and even Emily and Paige are all together and celebrating the holidays. Will this relationship bliss only last until the snow melts, or can we finally breathe easy about all of the 'ships?

2. Mona's Murder Mystery

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Pretty Little Liars Christmas Hanna and Caleb

After Mona's shocking death in the summer finale, we have so many questions about who did it. Since creator Marlene King says that Mona wrote a will and left something for Hanna, we'll likely find out a few clues, but the Liars should go into deep investigation mode and try to solve this mystery before "A" strikes again.

3. Battle at the Ball

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Alison creates a new team after the Liars abandon her, which she will unveil at the Ice Ball. They'll probably remain masked, but seeing Ali face off against the girls would be a welcome treat. It's one way to spice up the holidays without spiking the eggnog.

4. Answers From Ali

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We've seen a preview of Mona visiting Alison as the Ghost of Christmas Past (or some variation), and Ali looks completely spooked. Will she give up any answers about Mona's killer? She probably won't tell the Liars what she knows, but maybe ghost Mona will get some information out of her.

5. Sexy Gift Exchanges

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Ezra Shirtless on Pretty Little Liars

King also revealed that there will be Santa boxers for multiple men in the "PLL" Christmas episode, so please let there be some sort of sexy gift exchange. If someone sings "Santa, Baby," that's also acceptable as long as at least one of the guys in Rosewood is shirtless. Bonus points if all of them strip down.

6. Mistletoe Time, Obviously

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Spencer and Toby Kiss on Pretty Little Liars

This goes along with the above (and general relationship happiness), but there has to be kissing under the mistletoe. If it's a montage of all of the Liars kissing their significant others, that's OK — the more the merrier.

7. Spencer vs. The Rosewood PD

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On a more serious note, Spencer is facing a murder charge for Bethany Young's death, and she doesn't exactly have the best history with the police. We see her and Hanna poking around what looks to be the DiLaurentis home, so is she looking for evidence? A face off between her and the police seems likely.