'Drake & Josh' Reunited And Fans Lost Their Damn Minds

Hug me, brotha.

In case you missed it, there was a Drake & Josh reunion on the most recent episode of Fox's Grandfathered -- and fans of the Nickelodeon series understandably went nuts.

We can't blame them. Seeing Josh Peck and Drake Bell on the same screen again in nearly nine years was almost too much nostalgia for us to endure. Between the glorious Drake & Josh references and the swoon-inducing hug, Peck and Bell's epic, albeit brief, reunion was everything we hoped it would be, arrogant Drake Parker Kirk and all.

Here are some of the most spirited reactions from D&J fans. Hey, Dan Schneider -- what do we need to do to make a Drake & Josh reunion special happen on Nickelodeon? Because we'll get Oprah involved if we have to.

For starters, fans loved all of the ~ timeless ~ Drake & Josh references.

They nearly died. (Josh, you need to be more careful with these reunions. Killing people is bad.)

Some fans just couldn't contain the overwhelming joy they felt seeing Drake and Josh back together again.

While others were tempted to binge Grandfathered for more incredible cast reunions. (You should do that, BTW.)

And some fans just couldn't even deal with what was happening. They had so many feelings to express in 140 characters!

But most of all, they were just really appreciative that it was even happening. Nine years is a long time to wait for your faves to reunite.

Thank you, Drake and Josh, for making our dreams come true ?.

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