Kelly Clarkson Admits She's Not Metallica, But She Does Like To Destroy Things

'American Idol' champ showcases rock vibe on new LP.

LOS ANGELES -- It should come as no surprise that there's a surprise in Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" video, given that the song is essentially about -- you guessed it -- a surprise.

While the surprise in the video will make you smile, the one at the root of the song is not the happy kind.

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"It's like that relationship that you've been in and you thought it was going well and then all of a sudden you're like, 'Oh, wow, no it's not, I guess,' 'cause you want to break up and you're with someone else," Clarkson said last week. "Everybody goes through that ... it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy, and that's always crap."

The video, directed by Alex De Rakoff, has a little fun with the crappy situation (see [article id="1493352"]"Kelly Clarkson Shreds Clothing, Sweetheart Image In New Video"[/article]).

"In the beginning, I'm like tipping things over and smearing mud all over the walls and it seems like my apartment, but it ends up being the other girl's that he's with, so it's a humorous video," Kelly explained in between takes on the set. "So people get to see me be weird. More of that."

Clarkson said the video, which will debut November 16 on "TRL," came from the thought she assumes is in every girl's head after her boyfriend is unfaithful. "You know, 'Why don't I just go trash her house?' " she said. "And so I do it in the video. All I do is break stuff. It's a cool job. I could get used to this."

"Since U Been Gone" was the last track Kelly recorded for Breakaway, due November 30 (see [article id="1493237"]"Kelly Clarkson Tries For Another 'Breakaway' Hit"[/article]). She had finished recording in Los Angeles but followed a suggestion to pay veteran pop producer Max Martin a visit in Sweden.

"I'm not the girl that knows names very well, so I didn't really know all the stuff that Max Martin has done, but he's done so much like with Britney and Backstreet Boys and everyone," Clarkson said. "He's known for pop, but I think he wanted to get more into the rock vibe and my record just happened to be going that way, so ... it just really turned out great. Obviously it's not Metallica, obviously it's still pop-rock, but it's so much fun for me."

Clarkson also worked with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody and songwriter David Hodges, whose credits include "Because of You," a rock ballad Kelly is eyeing for the second single.

The original "American Idol" winner will spend the rest of the year and early next on a promotional tour for Breakaway that will include several TV appearances and radio-station festivals. A full world tour is in the works for next summer.

"I'm so excited, I love touring," Kelly said. "Anytime I can get up onstage, I think that's when I win people over, obviously. I just think when people see me live, it's a different feel. I love being in the studio, but it almost traps me to where I can't be totally me all the time. So when I sing live, I get to let go and do whatever I want."