Star Spotting: Katy Perry Learns The L Word

(Credit: Splash News)

While still in Australia, promoting her upcoming album Teenage Dream, Katy Perry took her new haircut (or old wig) out for a spin at Melbourne's Bendigo Hotel, where she attended the Grouse Party, a local gay and lesbian event, last Friday night.

Perry didn't actually kiss a girl (or at least wasn't snapped doing so), but she seemed to really enjoy her gal-power time, posing for pictures with fans and generally whooping it up. And judging by the pic above, she was an incredibly popular partygoer.

Thus ended a rather interesting time in Australia for Perry. The "California Gurls" singer began her time down under by rocking a red, leopard print minidress to a baby clothing store and ended it posing for provocative pictures at a gay and lesbian party. All in a week's work for Katy.

Check out "I Kissed A Girl," below. Teenage Dream is out on August 24.

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