Fantasia Leads You Through 'Bittersweet' Video, Frame By Frame

'I enjoyed myself, let's just put it like that,' she tells MTV News of steamy scenes with her NFL co-star.

[artist id="1197713"]Fantasia's[/artist] new single may be called "Bittersweet," but making the music video was anything but bitter. In fact, the R&B songstress has never felt more empowered and in charge, thanks to a newfound post-[article id="1565195"]"Color Purple"[/article] confidence that has her calling her own shots.

"It's all my concept," Fantasia told MTV News. "I was scared when I called the record label, because, of course, they had their own concepts. And I was like, 'No, can I do it this way?' And [director Lenny Bass] was totally open to all that stuff."

The just-released "Bittersweet" clip shows Fantasia so hung up on a past lover that she has visions and flashbacks of him everywhere. "I really don't see all of the people [around me], because I'm just focused on and thinking about this guy," she explained.

To match the single's old-school feel, Fantasia updated her personal style to reflect the past. "I'm in love with the Billie Holidays and the Ella Fitzgeralds. I'm in love with that look right now, so I'm trying to do that myself," she said.

But don't worry that Fantasia's gone too old-school. Those plunging necklines remind viewers that she's still in her 20s, a fact she feels was overlooked by her record label during the promotion of her previous two albums. "As I look back on all my other [videos], I felt like [I was styled] so much older. I felt like I wasn't able to let that [young] side out. So [this time], I was big on: 'Hey! Give me some skin!' "

Fantasia also played a big part in choosing her co-star. "We actually sat on the computer for about three days just going through [potential] guys. I wanted somebody tall, you know, a man," she said. And that man with a capital "M" was Devin Thomas, a wide receiver for the Washington Redskins. "Once I saw him, I knew I wanted to have him in the video," she said.

Now about those steamy hookup scenes with Thomas: "I enjoyed myself, let's just put it like that," Fantasia said with a sly smile, before adding, "He's a lot of man! And just sitting there, and yeah, it was nice. I had a great time," she trailed off, grinning. "He was really nice, which made it a lot easier."

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