Ke$ha's 'Crazy Kids' Music Video: Watch It Now!

Ke$h gets krazy in her brand-new clip, which premiered Tuesday night during 'MTV First: Ke$ha.'

Ke$ha has already [article id="1696994"]started a Kult[/article] and gotten [article id="1700029"]kidnapped by Furries[/article] in support of her Warrior album. So when it came time to shoot a video for the third single off that record, "Crazy Kids," well, you can't blame her for wanting to take it easy.

Of course, in Ke$h's case, that means dressing like a Riff Raff/Estelle Getty hybrid, guzzling glitter-filled 40s, lounging poolside with a bunch of "Duck Dynasty" castoffs, and throwing a hellacious house party that's sure to get the neighbors up in arms. Oh, and there are pit bulls (not [article id="1704191"]that kind[/article]) and bodybuilders and lowriders, too, and at one point will.i.am shows up as a pinball-playing astronaut.

In other words, just another typical Tuesday in Ke$haland.

Like the first two Warrior clips, "Crazy Kids" was directed by Darren Craig, who seems to excel at creating thoroughly weird worlds for Ke$ha to cavort in (he also appears to have taken master classes at the Harmony Korine School of WTF). Here, he blends the usual assortment of oddball characters and pop-cult castoffs with some eye-catching cinematography and rather inspired scenery, and Ke$ha clearly enjoys what he's doing ... she looks like she's having an absolute blast throughout the vid, whether she's mean-mugging for the camera or dropping it low in a series of scandalous dance sequences.

And maybe that's the whole point. Ke$ha's never going to release an arty, high-concept clip, and if her videos do have a budget, it seems like the majority of it goes to glitter (or [article id="1658721"]Van Der Beek cameos[/article]). Simply put, she wants to have a good time, bring all her rowdy friends to the bar, and let the chips fall where they may. It's almost as if the camera is an afterthought. You get the feeling that she'd be doing this anyway. It's why we love her, after all.

And as such, finding something new to say about a new Ke$ha clip is basically an exercise in futility. Her fans will praise whatever she does, and her detractors will probably point out she's basically doing more of the same. If you're waiting for her to drop a truly great music video, well, don't hold your breath. If you're looking for the next saga in her ongoing, incredibly weird journey, well, it's here, and it's called "Crazy Kids." It may not make a ton of sense, and it doesn't have to: It's Ke$ha's party, and we're all lucky enough just to get invited. Now let's get crazy.

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