Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill's 'DWMTM' Collabs Give Us #RelationshipGoals

The couple has two songs on Meek's new album.

Meek Mill's anticipated sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money was finally released on Monday, June 29, following his big performance with Nicki Minaj at the 2015 BET Awards. Meek and his lady performed their new collaboration "All Eyes On You," but the LP's release also gives us another Omeeka join effort, on "Bad For You."

Meek and Nicki haven't been shy about their romance on social media, but so far, their lyrics have given us the deepest insight into their relationship. Here's what we've learned about them, on these two new tracks.

Nicki Loves Meek So Much That She Wants To Sing About It

On The Pinkprint, Nicki showed some impressive range, by handling her own vocals on songs like "I Lied" and "Grand Piano." And on "Bad For You," she only sings the emotional hook, and leaves all of the wordplay to the Philly rapper. Can't you hear the passion in her voice, as she sweetly sings, "You bring a feeling to me I never show/ Nobody has made me feel this way before?"

They Still Have #RelationshipGoals like Jay And Beyoncé

On "Buy A Heart," Meek made it clear that he looks up to Hip-Hop's First Couple, by rapping on the first verse, "It's like Hov got Bey, it's like Bey got Jigga." They've even proudly posted photos of themselves standing next to Jay and Bey, and on "Bad For You," he keeps the comparison running, with the lyrics, "Fell in love with that raw game/ Swimming pool you surfing on it/ Like 'Yonce do the surfboard, surfboard."

They Were Both Shy In The Beginning (Sort Of)

On "Buy A Heart," if Meek was rapping about Nicki directly, then he was admitting that early on he tried to approach her, but was unsuccessful. And according to "Bad For You," they finally reached a point where their feelings were very obvious. "First year we both fronted/ We had feelings we didn't show," he rapped. "Second year we couldn't hide it/ Funny part they didn't know/ How could something that's so wrong feel so right?"

Previous Relationships Don't Matter Anymore

We know that Nicki was in a relationship for over a decade, before she began dating Meek, and on "Bad For You," the Philly rapper puts that and his bachelor past behind them. "Players hating on us, you know lord they ain't right/ 'Cause I broke a lot of hearts, ain't do them girls right," he spits. "But you broke hearts too, but that boy ain't fight/ So they don't deserve it, it feel like it's perfect/ I'm loving your style the way you preserve it."

There's Absolutely No Stopping Them Now

On "All Eyes On You," Meek and Nicki have their Bonnie and Clyde moment, letting us know that they're in it together now. And, they make it look really good, too. "He was the realest, I was the baddest, we was the illest/ When he approached me, I said, 'Yo what the deal is?'" Nicki raps. "In and out them dealers, rockin' chinchillas/ I got him in the back of that 'bach, I think he catchin' feelings/ Now it's all eyes on us, and this all lies on trust/ And if them bitches wanna trip, tell 'em they tour guides on us."

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