Even Ariana Grande Can’t Explain What A ‘Dick Bicycle’ Is

Nicki Minaj, please advise

When Ariana Grande sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday (September 14), things got R-rated real quick. With her new single “Side to Side” making the rounds, DeGeneres had an innocent enough question: What the hell is a “dick bicycle?” The lyric appears in Nicki Minaj’s guest verse and inspired the duo’s workout-themed music video and VMAs performance.

“What does that mean? Is that like a banana seat?” DeGeneres asked.

“Kind of. I don’t know, actually,” Grande, caught off-guard by the question and blushing furiously, confessed.

But Ari does know. Oh, does she know. On the VMAs white carpet, she told MTV News the song is about “riding leading to soreness” — so sex, probably.

But fans can make their own inferences about the risqué lyrics when Grande hits the road for her upcoming Dangerous Woman tour. U.S. shows start in February, with international dates coming soon. Hopefully she brings the bicycles along with her.