Sky Blu Exclusively Reveals 'Rebel Music', Debuts New Track

The LMFAO member opens up to MTV News about his July 4 album release.

LMFAO's Sky Blu is back and just as ready to have you fist pumping the night away, even if he is one member short. After the party-rocking duo officially went on [article id="1694334"]hiatus last fall[/article], Sky headed into the studio to begin work on his solo effort. And, now he's ready to give the world his Rebel Music.

On Friday (June 7), Sky stopped by MTV News to reveal, exclusively, the title of his new album, as well as preview his brand-new track, "I Want To Party."

Listen to Sky Blu's "I Want To Party" now!

"It is called Rebel Music, and it kind of just describes the theme of my life up until this point right now," the 26-year-old said about his July album release. "And I think it's just very appropriate for the time I'm in in my life right now. There was definitely titles that actually fit this project that I really loved, but I guess they were too risqué for me to do."

He continued, "I'm somebody [that] is a habitual line stepper, that likes to push the envelope and it excites me. So without saying too much, I think Rebel Music really just kind of sets the tone for how I'm putting this record out, 'cause it's coming out for free for the world. This is my album ... Me and my boy Mark Rosas [who appears on this single [article id="1699706"]'Pop Bottles'[/article]] worked really hard on this record alongside a few other people. And I can't wait for the people to hear. It's just exciting."

The album is slated to drop on July 4, Independence Day, which is indeed no coincidence. "That's my first solo album. I'm stepping out saying 'This is Sky Blu. I'm here. I want to be great.' I truly want to be great," he said. "So this is my first step in my direction and I want people to hear it. I really want people to listen to my music. I ain't never scared."

And just because he's without RedFoo these days, doesn't mean he's any less ready to party. And, that's what the track, aptly titled "I Want To Party," celebrates.

"I mean there so much business in the music business, I just want to party. I just want to have fun. Life is about having fun," he said. "It's about those moments you can't wait to tell your friends when you get back from wherever you were."

And, the song also was inspired by some his own ups and downs in the industry. "There's so many issues. Biggie Smalls said it best: 'More money, more problems.' Once LMFAO got huge and everything got so big, there's so many people coming at you telling you what's best for you, what's good for you," he said. "What's good for you is following your heart, what's good for you is creating music and making people happy. That's what I want to do. I learned money, that ain't the ticket. That's why this album's for free. It's about love, about love for music. It's not about money."

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