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Johnny 'One-Shot Deal' Depp Isn't So Sure About a 'Lone Ranger' Sequel

This week, "The Lone Ranger" — Disney's risky $200 million+ no-spaghetti western based on an ancient radio serial — rides into town nationwide, hoping to convince you that it's one of the summer's most breathlessly entertaining blockbusters and that the second it's over you're more than ready for a sequel.

On that note, chatting up the flick with E! Online most of the stars said they're already committed to more masked justice-dealin'... with one notable holdout presenting itself in the form of Mr. Johnny Depp who apparently always considered his turn as Tonto "a one-shot deal."   

Yep, while Armie Hammer's up for a "couple" of rootin' tootin' follow-ups — box office be willing, of course — and actress Ruth Wilson has her little "fingers crossed," His Depp-ness has been chanting a very different tune.

Let's just say he may not soon be seen toting around that bird hat on vacations as he does with his Jack Sparrow garbs because right now he doesn't even seem to think he'll need the 'em for a second movie, let alone trips to visit all the adoring kiddies.

"I think it was a one-shot deal," Depp said of a potential "Lone Ranger" sequel, despite the fact that it's Tonto who drives the story (and serves as the slightly unreliable narrator). Smartly, Depp didn't shoot away the possibility of a return and quickly amended, "If they started talking sequel on this I'd be ready to go in a second." Translation: He's not signed on yet even though everyone else is, but he's not opposed to it?

Note that Depp has a great working relationship with Jerry Bruckheimer (who continues to produce the we-thought-it-was-already-at-world's-end "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise) and director Gore Verbinski (via "Pirates" and "Rango"). Not to mention, he's been pretty friendly with Hammer himself (e.g., in a press conference at the movie's junket it appeared that Depp was ripping Hammer's arm hair out while Hammer attempted to answer a question from a journalist). So there's a chance he doesn't want to ruffle any feathers, so to speak, by putting a knife in the sequel option before movie one even hits the big screen ... whether he's a "one-shot deal" kinda guy or not.*

"The Lone Ranger" opens on July 3rd, kemosabe.

* Four "Pirates" sequels (and counting) speak for themselves on that note.