Hoku Talks "Blondes," Fatherly Encouragement

Pop newcomer Hoku, the daughter of Hawaiian star Don Ho, is making a name for herself with her self-titled debut, which hit stores Tuesday.

Another Dumb Blonde," Hoku's debut single, originally appeared on the soundtrack to the Nickelodeon movie "Snow Day," and the tune also turns up on the singer's new LP.

The title of her hit aside, Hoku isn't another dumb blonde; she wrote several songs for her record and even produced one. And if that's not enough, as Hoku recently told the MTV Radio Network, she's not even really a blonde.

I'm actually brown-haired, and so I'm actually a brunette," Hoku explained. "I feel bad, because like I'm not really blonde. So really I'm making fun of all these poor people. But... I'm not, honestly, it's just the name of the song.

Despite the early attention Hoku has attracted with "Another Dumb Blonde," the young singer remains very aware of her famous family background and knows it has helped open a door

or two for her.

I feel like I couldn't even be doing any of this if weren't for [my dad]," Hoku said. "I mean, because really, the reason why I'm in this business is because I've always been in it. I've done it since before I could remember, and my dad made it so that singing was a second language.

Hoku will be seen this summer on the 2000 edition of Nickelodeon's "All That" Music & More Festival along with LFO, B*Witched, No Authority, Blaque, and more (see [article id="1425690"]"Hoku, B*Witched, LFO, Blaque Top 'All That' Tour"[/article]).

In addition to that lengthy road trip, Hoku has lined up a string of radio shows in support of her self-titled debut LP.

Here's where you can find her:

  • 5/12 - San Diego, CA @ KHTS Radio Show
  • 5/14 - Sacramento, CA @ KDND Radio Show
  • 5/20 - Phoenix, AZ @ KZZP Radio Show
  • 5/21 - Charleston, SC @ WSSX Radio Show
  • 5/27 - Baltimore, MD @ WXYV Radio Show
  • 5/28

- West Babylon, NY @ WBLI Radio Show

  • 5/31 - Trenton, NJ @ WPST Radio Show
  • 6/04 - Monmouth, NJ @ WBBO Radio Show
  • 6/11 - Albany, NY @ WFLY Radio Show
  • 6/11 - Syracuse, NY @ WNTQ Radio Show
  • 6/16 - Louisville, KY @ WDJX Radio Show
  • 6/22 - Wichita, KS @ KKRD Radio Show
  • 6/23 - St. Louis, MO @ KSLZ Radio Show
  • 7/02 - Spokane, WA @ KZZU Radio Show
  • 7/13 - Toledo, OH @ WVKS Radio Show
  • 7/14 - Grand Rapids, MI @ WSNX Radio Show
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