Cardi B Proves She's Fiancée Of The Year At Offset's Birthday

Money moves indeed

Last night (December 13), Cardi B took the fiancée game to a new level. In celebration of Offset's 26th birthday, she bought her soon to be husband not one, but two extremely expensive gifts.

According to TMZ, the first present was a new Rolls-Royce Wraith adorned with a bow. However, Cardi didn't merely stop at the red and white luxury car. She also gave Offset a watch that matched his extravagant crystal-encrusted shirt.

This year, Cardi B and Offset are having the type of Cinderella story that deserves a Disney movie. Imagine Offset rapping "Bad and Boujee" as Cardi descends castle steps in a pair of bloody shoes. From Grammy nominations to an October engagement, Cardi and Offset are keeping love alive.

Last week, Cardi also revealed she recently went into the studio with her fiancée for the first time. The resulting song was Cardi's way of proving why Offset "put a ring" on it.

It's probably safe to say the Migos member also appreciates her fantastic gift-giving abilities — and that deserves a Ric Flair woo!

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