Dua Lipa Literally Steals Hearts In Her Colorful ‘Physical’ Video

Could this be what inside of a rainbow looks like?

Dua Lipa's ridiculous new super-powered video gives her the power to take down Thanos, The Joker, or just about any other villain that you can think of with a simple flick of the wrist. If you've watched the classic anime Hunter x Hunter, it's similar to the match-ending technique used by Killua Zoldyck in the show's first arc. I'm talking about literally removing someone's heart without them realizing it. Don't worry, it's not bloody. What happens next is, pretty much, what a rainbow after a torrential downpour probably looks like on a microscopic level.

As adrenaline-filled as "Physical" is, practically yanking you onto the dance floor to sweat enough to ruin your new outfit, its video is equal parts scary, cartoonish, and colorful. As mentioned before, Lipa sticks her hand in someone's chest and removes their most important pulsating organ. Strangely, instead of him dropping to the floor, the two begin to dance along with dozens of others in a marvelously large space. First wearing red, then moving to purple, blue, and so forth, the growing routine gets weirder as time goes on. There are visuals of giant holes, floating, man-made clouds, and a cartoonish version of her that gets to have a tremendous amount of extra fun.

Aside from leading every color of the rainbow into a spectacular dance groove, Lipa also plays with the heart that she's taken. Not only can she snatch 'em, but Lipa can also cast magic spells, making the heart into a flying bird that zooms around her. In another wild move off-screen, the bird gets copied over and over, building a weird path of heart-birds that float in the air. If every rainbow has a magical, heart-removing superhero lurking at a microscopic level, I'm going to visit every one of them that I can find.

"Physical" is the latest release from her forthcoming sophomore album Future Nostalgia that drops on April 3. The LP will also feature the disco-heavy "Don't Start Now" and the electric pop explosion of a title track.

Check out the inventive "Physical" video up above.

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