Natalie Imbruglia Explains Why She Shuns Endorsement Deals

After scoring a hit with "Torn," Natalie Imbruglia now finds herself facing the usual deluge of offers that fall upon doe-eyed pop stars.

The actress-turned-singer has received offers for endorsement deals and movie roles, but so far has turned them all down.

I think at the moment there are just a few things that are important that I want to focus on," Imbruglia recently told MTV News of why she turned down one particularly hefty offer from a cosmetics company.

I think that [article id="1445845"]when you get catapulted up, you know a lot of things come your way and it's very easy to get excited about everything and want to do everything, but I don't believe in spreading yourself too thin. [700k QuickTime][/article] And I guess I choose carefully what I want to do and you know that's not something I'm interested in at this time. Just like I'm not interested in doing a movie at the moment. But you know there might come a time when I say yes, it's just

where I am at the moment. I'm too busy or don't really want to get involved in anything else.

Fans will have to get their Imbruglia fixes through her new video, [article id="1445847"]"Wishing I Was There" [500k QuickTime][/article] which premiered on MTV last week. Fans can also be sated here at MTV News Online, where you'll be able to find much more of our interview with Natalie in our MTV News Online Feature of the Week which turns up here Friday afternoon.

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