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J. Cole Still Rides The Bus, Platinum Albums And World Tours Be Damned

Hey, gotta get around somehow

J. Cole is an artist fans feel deeply that they can relate to — that he's telling their stories as much as his own. Rather than building himself up as an untouchable rap star living a lavish life, he's focused on being a man of the people.

So much so, in fact, that he apparently is down to ride the bus, just like the rest of us.

A fan captured Cole on a bus in Queens over the weekend, grabbing onto that yellow pole like the New York City commuter he was in that moment. Cole was up in New York for a surprise performance at Bas's Too High to Riot tour on Wednesday, but who knows what led him to hop on the bus. Heading to a friend's? Buying milk? Picking up dry cleaning? Just taking a ride around his old stomping grounds and seeing how the neighborhood has changed?

Hopefully he was headed to the studio.