Will Amber And Her New 'Teen Mom OG' Beau Connect IRL?

The two have never met -- but that'll soon change

Amber told her Teen Mom OG producer that her children Leah and James are "numero uno" in her life. But there's another someone getting a bit of her attention -- and he and Amber have yet to interact in person.

"I have been talking to somebody," Amber revealed during this week's episode. "Chemistry matters a lot to me, and you can tell."

Amber opened up even more about her new romantic prospect. His name is Dimitri, they met on Instagram, he's 39 years old (10 years older than Amber), lives in Belgium and the connection is "super chill."

"I had other guys trying to talk to me, and he was the only one who never brought up d*ck pics," she added with a giggle.

And soon, they will meet.

"I am ready," Dimitri told Amber before boarding a 15-hour flight. But then he began having other emotions, like being "nervous" and "scared."

So how will their initial visit go? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG on Tuesdays at 8/7c to see how they connect in the flesh.

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