Dr. Dre Sues Napster

On Tuesday, the other shoe finally dropped as Dr. Dre and his record label, Aftermath Entertainment, filed suit against Napster after issuing a warning to the online music distribution aid last week.

As we previously reported, Dre and his lawyers fired off a letter to Napster last week giving the company until Friday, April 21 to remove all of Dre's songs from its pool of available downloads (see [article id="1428254"]"Dr. Dre Slaps Napster With Warning"[/article]).

Dre followed through on the threat on Tuesday by filing suit against Napster in U.S. Federal Court in Los Angeles.

As Metallica did before them, the rapper is charging Napster with copyright infringement and unlawful use of a digital audio interface device. The suit states that "Napster has built a business based on large-scale piracy.

Dre released his own statement regarding the suit, noting, "I don't like people stealing my music.

Dre's attorney, who also

handles Metallica, has charged that Napster responded to the rapper's warning letter with a "disingenuous offer," prompting the suit (see [article id="1428251"]"Dre: Napster Suit Likely After 'Disingenuous Offer'"[/article]).

Napster has no official comment on Dre's suit as of press time.

Metallica filed a similar suit against Napster and three major colleges earlier this month (see [article id="1432071"]"Metallica Sets Legal Sights On Napster"[/article]). However, the band dropped the schools from the suit after each blocked access to through its servers.

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