Mariah Carey's New Film 'Precious' 'Made Me Cry,' Nick Cannon Says

'I love her every look,' he says of his wife's stripped-down look in the movie.

[artist id="1233784"]Nick Cannon[/artist] supports his superstar wife [artist id="976"]Mariah Carey[/artist] in all of her endeavors. And watching his normally glamorous wife portray a plain-looking counselor in the upcoming movie [movie id="420372"]"Precious"[/movie] moved Cannon to tears.

"I mean, the performance was phenomenal -- clearly one of the best," he told MTV News on the red carpet for the film's Los Angeles premiere. Cannon accompanied wife Carey, who stars in the flick alongside comedian Mo'Nique and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, to the premiere. "I love her every look, always."

As for the film's serious tone, he says that it was hard for Carey to come home at night after telling the story of a teenage girl dealing with incest and pregnancy. "Every person can take something away from this. It was a heavy role -- to come down from that you have to stop yourself," he explained. "And stop yourself again."

Cannon admits that even though he's seen the film numerous times already, he still gets weepy whenever he watches it. "I didn't read the script, but the movie made me cry," he said. "I think it's, like, my fifth time. It gets better every time."

Back in February, [article id="1605555"]Carey spoke to MTV News about the movie[/article], gushing that she was "just honored to be a part of it. It's really something that's so strong and different and I think that it's really going to enlighten a lot of people and help a lot of people."

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