Why Papa Randy Is The Yoda Of 'Teen Mom 2'

Like the backward-speaking 'Star Wars' character, Chelsea's dad gives the 'best' advice.

As one of the most powerful Jedi Masters in the universe, beloved "Star Wars" character Yoda is famous for helping Luke Skywalker prevail against evil — but he’s best known for his sage pearls of wisdom. Always remember: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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Much like the backward-speaking sci-fi star, Chelsea's father Randy doles out expert advice (in straightforward English sentences, of course), and he's an invaluable support system for his daughter and granddaughter Aubree. From aiding his child during the delay in obtaining her esthetician license to helping her cope with her ex Adam, the "Teen Mom 2" papa has been there for Chelsea through thick and thin. Here's a look back at his best bits of guidance this past season:

On Chelsea purchasing her new home: "It's the biggest thing you'll ever buy."

Before the young mom moved into her first property to call her own, Randy eased his daughter's nerves and assured her that she was ready for the responsibility -- despite the fact that it's a hefty one.

On the Department of Labor withholding Chelsea's esthetician license: "You have to send a response to their accusation."

When Aubree's mama learned the troubling news, she turned to her father for suggestions on how to tackle the situation. Randy quickly came up with a course of action to fight against the claims, and ultimately, their plan worked.

On seeing Adam and his other baby mama at Aubree's softball game: "It's just how the real world is for half the families out there."

Randy has always championed Chelsea moving on from the father of her child, but he also reminds her that her co-parenting situation is common for many folks.

On the importance of dating: "You never know, that's when you find somebody -- when you're not looking."

Papa Randy gets it when it comes to finding The One -- even when Chelsea's speed dating adventure didn't produce her Prince Charming.

On making new guidelines with Adam following his arrest: "Aubree's a happy little girl, and that's all that really matters."

Shortly after Adam was sent to jail, the father-daughter duo convened to discuss his legal track record. But Randy pointed out what was most important: his granddaughter.

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