Here's What Timbaland and Audiences Thought of Lifetime's Aaliyah Biopic

Trey Songz also weighs in and Missy Elliott reminisces about the past.

By Andres Tardio

It's safe to say Timbaland didn't enjoy Lifetime's "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B," which aired Saturday (November 15). And while Lifetime felt Timbo's wrath on social media, it's also safe to say many fans felt Timbo's pain, as well.

Timbaland, who worked extensively with Baby Girl and who is portrayed in the film, launched into nearly 20 Instagram posts about the film Saturday. "This is why people should never remake movies," Timbaland says in one Instagram video. "Bullshit happens. Now you have to deal with the consequences."

Many fans agreed with Tim and the producer thanked them for their criticism of the film. "Thanks for the comments tonight on that bullshit Aaliyah movie," he says in another clip. "They have felt Timbo's wrath tonight."

The fans also shared their disapproval on Twitter by posting memes about how Lifetime's casting was less than accurate.

Trey Songz even got in on the criticism.

Lifetime received criticism for more than just the film's casting. At one point, Lifetime and Wendy Williams (one of the film's executive producers) referred to "At Your Best (You Are Love)" as "Let Me Know." And fans let them have it.

While Missy Elliott, who didn't participate in the making of the film, wasn't as vocal as Timbo, she kept things subtle by retweeting this awesome gif of better days.

Lifetime's Aaliyah movie was controversial before it even aired. Zendaya Coleman dropped out of the lead role because the film wasn't meeting her standards, Aaliyah's family wasn't pleased with the silver screen depiction of the singer's life and many questioned the biopic's casting.

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