Jake Bellows Apes Love In 'I Know You' Video

Love knows no species in an apish new video from Jake Bellows for his single, "I Know You."

It’s been a relatively quiet couple years for Jake Bellows, the former frontman of Omaha-based indie fivesome Neva Dinova. After 15 years touring with the likes of Bright Eyes and Death Cab for Cutie, he sold his Les Paul three years ago and packed up for Los Angeles, where he got a job installing sliding glass doors alongside the occasional solo show. But on his just-released solo debut, New Ocean, Bellows breaks his silence with a medley of songs that range from fuzz-guitar-fueled odes to the syrupy sweet "I Know You."

"I Know You" is an almost unbelievably sincere serenade professed over a bossa nova beat that makes you feel as warm as its earnest lyrics. In a voice free of judgment, Bellows declares, “I know you with no makeup I know you with no clothes on.” Maybe it’s the image of “sunlight dripping off trees” or perhaps it’s the general joviality of it all, but it has the feeling of love in the good old days, before nearly every love song came with strings or ulterior motives.

That’s why, when it came time to put it all to video, Bellows and director Morgan's Brother decided to feature a silent film straight from the 1920s. Originally titled “Perils of the Beach,” the film follows two performing apes –- one male, one smiley female -- as they escape their trainer to spend an afternoon frolicking on the beach. It’s sweet in a refreshingly simple way, and that simplicity is exactly what made Morgan's Brother use it for "I Know You."

"The song is about the commonality of the human experience," he told us, "so the video was meant to illustrate the experience of love and show that the 'human' experience might not be limited to humans."

New Ocean is out now on Saddle Creek. Tour dates are below:

09.03 - Eugene, OR @ Cozmic Pizza with Matt Pond

09.05 - Portland, OR @ MFNW

09.08 - Seattle, WA @ The White Rabbit with Pheasant

09.09 - Olympia, WA @ The Guest House with Pheasant

09.10 - Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur with Pheasant

10.15 - San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop with Tim Kasher

10.16 - Santa Cruz @ The Crepe Place with Tim Kasher

10.17 - Santa Ana @ Constellation Room with Tim Kasher

10.18 - Los Angeles, CA @ the Echo with Tim Kasher

10.19 - Las Vegas, NV @ Backstage Bar & Billards with Tim Kasher

10.21 - San Diego, CA @ The Casbah with Tim Kasher

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