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Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Girlfriend: ‘I’m So Much Happier’


Kristen Stewart is no stranger to magazine covers. Last year, K-Stew appeared on the cover of Elle UK's coveted issue and this year she's doing the same. What's different this time around (besides hair color) is that the reserved star is opening up about her longtime rumored girlfriend Alicia Cargile.

"When I was dating a guy I was hiding everything that I did because everything personal felt like it was immediately trivialized, so I didn't like it. We were turned into these characters and placed into this ridiculous comic book, and I was like, 'That's mine. You're making my relationship something that it's not.' I didn't like that," she told the mag. "But then it changed when I started dating a girl. I was like, 'Actually, to hide this provides the implication that I'm not down with it or I'm ashamed of it, so I had to alter how I approached being in public. It opened my life up and I'm so much happier.'"

While that doesn't mean the relationship hasn't been without its problems, Stewart says the pair has rekindled for good this time:

"I think also right now I'm just really in love with my girlfriend," she said. "We've broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and this time I was like, 'Finally, I can feel again.'"

When K-Stew's happy, we're all happy.