Ellie Goulding Will Write Songs About One-Night Stands If She Wants To

Hear that, haters?

If you’ve ever perused Ellie Goulding’s Instagram before, you’ll find out pretty quickly that she’s practically the human embodiment of the phrase “strong is sexy.” But touting her healthy, fitness-fueled lifestyle doesn’t mean she’s immune to online haters, as she recently told Flare magazine.

“I have been, 100 percent, on social media,” Ellie said when asked if she’s been slut-shamed. “I work out a lot; I’m proud of my body. I put up a picture of myself, and people are like, ‘Put it away; you’re supposed to be a good influence on young people.’ Young women should have the freedom to post a picture with no makeup and wearing a track suit or in full makeup and a tight dress.”

One of the most high-profile cases of slut-shaming we’ve seen so far this year was when Kim Kardashian ignited a media shitstorm with her now-infamous nude selfie. That example, Ellie says, illustrates her point that all women should be able to show off their bodies if they want to.

“I feel like I have the right to do the same thing if I ever wanted to,” Ellie said about Kim’s pic. “She’s a mom; she’s had kids; she looks incredible. She works hard for her body, and it’s beautiful.”

Still, the state of feminism is improving in Ellie’s eyes, and that’s what she says she prefers to focus on -- even if the music industry still has a long way to go.

“With music, I’m not going to lie -- I’ve experienced the misogyny that comes with writing songs like ‘On My Mind,’ where I talk openly about a one-night stand,” she admitted. “It’s almost like girls aren’t allowed to have one-night stands, but I’m like, fuck that.”

Fuck that, indeed. 💪