'Scream Queens': Who Is The Red Devil Killer? Here Are Our Top 11 Suspects

Here's who we think has it out for the Kappas.

Someone's been killing Kappas on campus, and we're dying to get to the bottom of it.

It's been a few weeks since the debut of Ryan Murphy's slasher comedy "Scream Queens," which means we've had some time to speculate about the identity of Wallace University’s Red Devil killer -- or, killers. The problem is, with so many shady characters, it's hard to narrow it down.

Alas, MTV News has rounded up our top Red Devil suspects. Who's been killing off Kappas like it's hunting season? Go through our killer suspects below:



Scream Queens - Chad

Chad may be a grade-A garbage person, but he's no killer. Not only is he too daft to pull it off, but he also totally freaked out when he saw all those dead bodies stashed in the House on Shady Lane. Necrophiliac or not, we don't think he has the stomach for straight up murdering people, especially his fellow Dickie Dollar Scholars.

Dean Cathy Munsch



Not only is she incredibly forthcoming about her disdain for Chanel Oberlin and her Kappas, but Dean Munsch is also an expert at covering up dead bodies, especially ones belonging to Kappas. And there was that time she literally forced Gigi out of her room and into the arms of the Red Devil. That alone would hint at her foresight. Nevertheless, we don't think it's Dean Munsch killing Kappas. She's way too concerned about her own reputation as Dean, so this scandal is the last thing she wants.




Seeing as Zayday was captured by the Red Devil in the most recent episode of "Scream Queens," she's not necessarily No. 1 on our list. But let's not forget that she does own a chainshaw, which is just really effing weird. You're not off our suspect list yet, girl.



Scream Queens Hester

Hester is most definitely this season's red herring. She's weird and creepy and loves dead things, so naturally, Murphy wants us to think she's the killer, but really, she's nothing more than a twisted opportunist who lets guys "attack" her crack.

Chanel Oberlin


Chanel Scream Queens Chainsaw

Chanel is total bitch with a capital "B," but we highly doubt she'd ruin her chances of becoming the next Diane Sawyer by going on a murdering spree. Eww.

Earl Grey


Earl Grey Scream Queens

Earl hasn't been too involved in the action just yet, but he clearly wanted to divide Kappa House when he told Zayday to run for Kappa President. Is there an ulterior motive here, or are we just reading into things? Either way, this Dickie Dollar Scholar can't be trusted... yet.



Scream Queens

OK, there is something really, really creepy about Grace's dad. He loves horror movies, always finds himself in the right place at the right time and he's connected to the whole baby in the bathtub mystery. We know he's lying to Grace about her mom, but could he also be hiding something else? Maybe a RED DEVIL COSTUME?

Chanel No. 5


Scream Queens

Arguably the angriest of the Chanels, Chanel No. 5 has every right to hate Chanel No. 1 and want to see her fail. Chanel No. 1 has already tarnished the Kappa Kappa Tau name by having the worst pledge class in history. What if that was the Red Devil's plan all along?



Nick Jonas Scream Queens

OK, so maybe we cheated a bit because we already know Boone is working with the Red Devil in some capacity, but since we don't know if that's 100% accurate, he's still a suspect in this investigation.



Scream Queens

There's just something we do not trust about this dude. Sure, his Matthew McConaughey impression is adorably on point, but does anyone else find it funny that he set his sights on Final Girl Grace after knowing her for all of five seconds?

Chanel No. 3


Scream Queens Chanel

There's just too much we don't know about her, which automatically makes her a major suspect. Oh, and her DAD IS A FREAKIN' SERIAL KILLER. Like father, like daughter. What could she possibly be listening to in those (fabulous) earmuffs? Could it be messages from the Red Devil?! Stranger things have happened.

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