Jon Snow Is Alive (And Dead) Again In This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Supercut

See every major deceased character's first and last scenes in the series.

This week, every "Game Of Thrones" fan got to relive the heartbreak and menacing doubt left in the wake of Jon Snow's fate as new posters teasing his return appeared on HBO's social media accounts (and on huge billboards in some cities).

Despite Lord Snow's apparent group stabbing-related death at the end of last season, there's still a lot to parcel through about whether or not we'll see Kit Harrington back in his Night's Watch black garb -- mainly, it's because we already have. And yet, other cast members have said he's definitely dead, so there's that, too.

Regardless of all that, we know Jon Snow's current state of being, and that's dead, at least for now. But a new fan-made supercut takes us back, alllll the way back, to when we first met the curly haired pseudo-Stark in the show's first season. And then, of course, takes us jarringly forward to the moment of his demise.

It's all part of Fernando Andrés' video "Valar Morghulis -- First & Final Shots Of Game Of Thrones Characters," which shows exactly what it suggests. And Jon Snow's not the only one here. Remember Renly Baratheon? Khal Drogo? Ros? You'll see them again, too -- for the first time and the last time, simultaneously.

So while we wait to see Jon Snow again (as some sort of undead version of himself, maybe?), we can watch as The National's harrowing cover of "The Rains Of Castamere" plays broodingly below.

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