New LOX Album Won't Come Out On Diddy's Bad Boy

'We gave him a shot at it,' Jadakiss tells 'Sway in the Morning.'

There will be a new LOX album, eventually, but it won't be released on Diddy's Bad Boy Records.

"Nah, we went over there, we gave him a shot at it," Jadakiss told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway when he appeared on his "Sway in the Morning" satellite radio show on Tuesday (May 8).

In 1998, the LOX -- comprised of 'Kiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch -- released their debut album, Money, Power, Respect, with the house that Diddy built, but their relationship soon soured. When it came time to drop their sophomore LP, We Are the Streets, [article id="1427327"]the LOX made the move to Ruff Ryders Entertainment[/article]. It's been 12 years since the Yonkers, New York, trio dropped an album, and they have since reconciled with Puff, but there are hurdles standing in the way of future business between both parties.

"He wanted to do it, but I don't think contractually with all of the forces, we weren't able to do it, but he's still the big homie," Jada said, without revealing where the group may sign.

Since making their initial move away from Bad Boy, each group member went on to sign separate solo deals, making any would-be agreement for a [article id="1668398"]new LOX album[/article] very tricky. During an August 2011 interview, Styles P tried to break things down. "It's a lot of heads involved with the new LOX album. You got Ruff Ryders, you got Bad Boy, you got Interscope. It's a lot of politics in one set of paperwork, but it's gettin' close," the Ghost said several months ago.

Though the Bad Boy deal is off the table, 'Kiss and company will forever be tied to the storied label. It was there where they first learned to refine their raw rhyme talent and craft hit records. The crew has often credited the Notorious B.I.G. with their development, so when Sway asked Jada about his thoughts on a prospective Biggie holographic performance, similar to the Tupac stunt Dr. Dre pulled at [article id="1683143"]Coachella[/article] last month, Mr. So Raspy was all for it.

"It cost a lot, so I think Diddy with his connection to Interscope and Jimmy, I still think he got the resources to do a Big joint whenever he goes out to do a big tour; that'll be cool," Jadakiss said. "I think it was good for the 'Pac lovers and for these young cats that ain't really get the chance to see him or understand him. But I think if they gonna do it, we should try to do Big L, Pun -- let's do all of the fallen soldiers of hip-hop and let the people get a chance to see 'em at one of these big venues."

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