Mom Arrested For Helping Her Son Set Himself On Fire For Viral Video Challenge

The idiotic challenge on Facebook now has parents joining in.

Every once in a while, a viral trend comes along that makes you stop dead in your tracks, shake your head violently, and scream to the heavens, “What the flying f--k?!” That trend in today’s internet universe is teenagers setting themselves on fire. It’s become a viral video challenge on Facebook, and now it looks like parents are getting in on it, too.

At least, that’s what happened in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Janie Talley, 41, was arrested for helping her 16-year-old son film the challenge. According to police, the teen poured nail polish all over himself and then set himself on fire — all while his mom was standing by, manning the camera. What’s worse, police said other people were there to help put out the flames, which means there were at least two more willing volunteers involved in the stupid stunt.

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As you probably guessed, the teen suffered burns on his neck and chest, and his mom is now in deep s--t. She was charged with “contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile,” a.k.a., the equivalent of getting your “Best Mom Ever” mug shattered to pieces.

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