Frank Darabont Expects Fight Over 'Indy IV' Writing Credits

"I don't live by the grudge. I don't hold a grudge. Life is way too short for that," he said. "Let's chalk it up to professional disappointment. There's not some deep unhealed wound or feud going on."

And yet, to listen to Darabont, one gets the impression that there very well might soon be a feud of sorts -- over credit. Insisting that he still hasn't read "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls" (scripted by "Spider-Man" writer David Koepp), Darabont again indicated that there may be more than a passing resemblance to his efforts, echoing statements he made to MTV in August.

This time, though, he thinks it might wind up in arbitration.

"I haven't read the script, [but] at a certain point I will because I'm sure there will be an arbitration over writing credits," he revealed. "I keep hearing from people who are near the production and they keep saying, 'You know, they're using more of your ideas here than you may have thought.'"

One such idea, however, was not Shia LaBeouf's role as Indy's son.

"That's a whole new element that's been brought in. Shia? I don't remember writing that character," Darabont said. "I did suggest to Steven that he cast John Hurt in this movie and I'm delighted that Mr. Hurt is a part of it. It's not entirely the role I suggested him for ... but I did suggest him."

But while Darabont the businessman and writer may face off against Indy in arbitration, Darabont the fan says he couldn't be happier to see the whip-wielding hero make a triumphant comeback.

"I know Steven Spielberg is not going to disappoint us. He's going to make a great movie," Darabont praised. "As a fan, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I hope it turns out great."

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