Tribe Called Quest Talks About New Album As Tibet Concert Looms

As they prepare for their performance at this summer's Tibetan Freedom Concert, A Tribe Called Quest are also readying their next album, which the group says may conjure up memories of bygone days.

[article id="1449573"]"I think that it's more upbeat,"[/article] Q-Tip told the MTV Radio Network recently about the upcoming album, titled "The Love Movement.

[article id="1449573"]"It's definitely more relatable to me, to everybody, because it'll keep you in that mood to party and to chill and just kick it, you know what I'm saying? (It's) really rhythm based, which is why it reminds me a little bit of the first album," [250k Audio][/article] Q-Tip concluded when he and Tribe-mates Phife and Ali stopped by the MTV Radio offices.

The album, the group's fifth, will once again be produced by Tribe production entity The Ummah, and will feature guest appearances by Busta Rhymes and Redman. The album's first single, titled "Against The World,"

should arrive soon, and "The Love Movement" will hit stores on June 30.

Tribe then hopes to launch a tour, but does not have any dates planned beyond their appearance on this summer's Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 13 and 14 in Washington, D.C. (see [article id="1425489"]"UPDATE: R.E.M., Beck, Radiohead, Tribe Confirmed For Tibetan Freedom Concert"[/article]).