Did Kam Just Make The Slyest 'Challenge' Move Of All Time?

Look out, Wes — there’s a new political mastermind in town

Two seasons and four elimination rounds into her Challenge career, and Kam of Are You the One? has already physically proven to be a heavy-hitter. But in the middle of her sophomore season, she’s gone ahead and added mental mastermind to her resume too.

On this week's Final Reckoning episode — after assuring Cara Maria that she had big plans up her sleeve in the event she and Kayleigh won the forthcoming mission — Kam sought to shake up the game. And she made good on her word.

In “Dig Deep,” the cast was split into two big teams, with both buried in a nightmare bunker from hell. Each team had to solve a series of puzzles that would ultimately clear the path for escape, and the first duo that managed to get both players across the finish line would be deemed the ultimate winners.


And, as luck would have it, Kayleigh and Kam managed to squeak by their fellow teammates and claim their first victory of the season.

“It feels great because I think our minds are made up,” Kam told TJ. “[But] it’s a secret.”

And it would stay secret for a little while longer. Back at the house — and apropos of nothing — Kam gathered her cast mates together and announced that she planned to vote either Brad and Kyle or Sylvia and Joss into the coming elimination round, immediately earning ire from both sides. As both teams had been ostensibly part of Kam’s alliance, the house couldn’t seem to figure out what provoked Kam’s switch-up.

“Kam, I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but Kayleigh needs to sort this out,” Joss said. “This is below the belt.”

What Kam hadn’t told the house, though, is that she actually had no intention of allowing either team to set foot into Armageddon. By alerting the house to her fake plan (she’d already sneakily let Sylvia and Kyle — who feigned cluelessness — in on the secret too), she knew she’d send remaining teams scrambling to protect themselves and avoid potentially setting themselves up for a matchup with Joss/Sylvia or Kyle/Brad. She predicted that teams would proceed to pair up and exchange burn votes to keep themselves and their friends safe.


“If every vote cancels out, then only my vote will matter,” Kam said. “This is how you make a power move.”

So who’d be left after the bomb dropped and only Kam and Kayleigh’s Power Vote was counted?

Jozea and Da’Vonne.

And who’d be the only team eligible to battle them, as Kam and Kayleigh were exempt from elimination?

Faith and Angela.

Somehow — even though there were a million potential variables — it actually worked. And players suddenly saw a brand-new reason to fear Kam.

“Guess what, Da’Vonne? There’s more than one Geppetto in this house,” Shane, a patron of the dramatic arts, observed. “I’m terrified of Kam. I will not cross her. I will be straight up honest with this bitch, ‘cause she is a force to be reckoned with.”

Sadly for Kam, her plan wouldn’t make it all the way to completion, as TJ informed the gang that a new pair of Mercenaries — Ashley and Hunter — would take Jozea’s and Da’Vonne’s spots in Armageddon to battle Faith and Angela. Still, it doesn’t make Kam’s successful plotting any less impressive.


What do you think — is Kam’s move the most guileful of all time? How does it rank among Wes’ or Sarah’s most adept mind games? Share your thoughts, and see if Kam and Kayleigh can stay on top when The Challenge returns Tuesday night!

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