'Game Of Thrones'’s Mountain Falls In Love With The ‘Shame’ Nun In Hilarious Romantic Parody

George R.R. Martin, please make this canon

All right, first things first: There is not going to be an official Game of Thrones spin-off about the Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) and the 'Shame' Nun (Hannah Waddingham) falling in love. The last time we saw them, the Mountain was torturing her while she screamed bloody murder, so I think any chance of love died there, guys.

But this idea developed after a poster featuring the duo kissing with the words "Shame or Glory" floating above their heads emerged on Imgur and Reddit recently. The rumors ignited further after Björnsson shared what appeared to be a behind-the-scenes video of an upcoming movie or TV series. "I'm blushing!" he captioned. "Shame or Glory – coming soon!"

On Monday (November 14), the ~mystery~ was solved. Björnsson and Waddingham teamed up with SodaStream to make one hilarious parody to promote environmental awareness. During the three-minute short film, this poor dude (Ross Hatt) bought plastic bottles at the store and was harassed by the 'Shame' Nun, who followed him around yelling — you guessed it — "Shame!" It's his Walk of Atonement, but clothes stayed on for this one.

After enduring this for what felt like forever, Hatt revealed that he was getting the bottled water for Björnsson, who then schooled him on pollution and its detriment to the environment. At the end of the vid, there's a little twist that's totally worth it. Check it out below.