One Direction's 'Take Me Home': Most Swoon-Worthy Tracks

MTV News rounds up the best tracks ahead of the group's November 13 album release.

The countdown is on! There are only eight days until One Direction drop their highly anticipated sophomore album release, [article id="1694876"]Take Me Home,[/article] on November 13, and fans are anxiously awaiting what the boys have cooked up for it.

Well, MTV News got an early listen ahead of the album's iTunes stream on Monday (November 5), and the album is tailor-made to make pop fans of any age a bit weak in the knees.

Their follow-up to Up All Night sees the guys growing up a little more. It certainly has its fair share of sugary sweet sentiments about first romance and unrequited love, but it also touches on more mature themes as the fivesome also croon about sleepover sessions with the girls of their dreams on several of the songs.

But they haven't matured too much. It's that ability to maintain enough innocence that makes these kinds of sentiments more swoonworthy than cringeworthy. And, while many other pop acts are still angling for EDM-heavy albums, this album has a more live band feel, with guitar and drums playing heavily into the sonics of Take Me Home.

Bouncing between slower tempo tunes and up-tempo tracks, the album includes production and songwriting credits from a number of [article id="1694255"]A-listers like Ed Sheeran[/article], [article id="1694491"]Dr. Luke[/article], Shellback, Toby Gad, and of course, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha, who not only worked on a handful of tracks on this album, but also penned 1D's career-making single "What Makes You Beautiful" off their debut album.

After kicking things off with their lead single, [article id="1694155"]"Live While We're Young,"[/article] the album's second song is the butterflies-inducing "Kiss You." The album gets its cheeky title from this song's chorus, where the boys sing, "If you don't wanna take it slow/You just wanna take me home/ Baby say, 'Yeah'/ And let me kiss you." If that wasn't enough pop power to make Directioners plot ways to take the guys home with them, the "na na na" breakdown and Motown-tinged melody certainly will leave fans wanting more.

Another standout tune is the Shellback-produced number "Heart Attack." With its staccato, bouncy beat, the guys make heartbreak worth dancing to as they pine about a girl who is too hot to get over. (Haven't we all been there?) "You're giving me a heart attack/ Looking like you do," the guys share, later adding, "Never thought it'd hurt so bad getting over you."

"Rock Me" pays homage to the anthem rock of Brit acts like Queen with its big, stadium beat. But, the guys manage to reel it in with nods of an acoustic guitar. The chorus is a bit silly, but certainly gets the job done in all its toe-tapping goodness: "I want you to rock me/ I want you to push the pedal/ Heavy metal/ Show me you care."

There's a number of slow songs on the album, including two folk-tinged tracks penned by Sheeran (their single, [article id="1696680"]"Little Things,"[/article] as well as the break-up-to-make-up ballad, "Over Again"). And while they are all strong and definitely show the vocal range of the guys in the band, their track, "Last First Kiss," certainly will have girls hitting repeat. It follows the guys as they share their true feelings with their crush. Slow and steady, the guys sing, "Baby, let me be your last first kiss/ I want to be the first to take it all the way like this." It would be hard for any fan to resist the subtle hints dropped by the guys on this track.

The swoons don't end there. The deluxe edition of the album includes "Irresistible." Co-written by all five guys in the group, it is full of longing. "Midnight ain't no time for laughing/ When you say goodbye," they sing, "It makes your lips so kissable/ Your fingertips so touchable/ And your eyes irresistible." If those admissions don't melt your heart, we're not sure you have one.

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