Christian Siriano Remembers Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous

'She called me up and she said, 'I need something to wear on the 'Today' show,' the 'Project Runway' winner recalls.

Back in December 2008, [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] was a burgeoning pop star whose wild sense of style was only beginning to emerge. So, for her appearance on the "Today" show last year, she knew just who she wanted to help her get the right look for her big interview: "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano.

"I mean, I always have to say my fun story was I got to dress Gaga before anyone really got to her, which I think is interesting," Siriano told MTV News when he stopped by to chat about his book, "Fierce Style." "Not that she's someone to get to, but I remember it was [about] a year ago ... and it was her first appearance on the 'Today' show, when 'Just Dance' just came out. It was the first single."

Siriano recalls meeting with the singer and working on the shirt she would wear on the program: a black latex and spandex tank with a gold chain and feather, which she paired with latex leggings. "She called me up and she said, 'I need something to wear on the 'Today' show. I went there at, like, six in the morning and we made this kind of really cool sculptural top for her. She was very new," he recalled.

"But it was really fun 'cause I got to see [her from] the start to now," he continued. "So it's really great for me 'cause I met her two years ago at the Logo Awards before anyone knew who Gaga was. It was cool. It was nice."

Although they struck up a friendship at that awards show, however, he's not sure if Gaga rooted for him when he competed on "Project Runway." "I don't know. I think maybe she might have been. I think probably because her being younger and living in New York City, I'm sure she knew what it was and saw," he said. "I think she said she was a fan. And I think she creates a lot of her things herself ... and she loves new designers and supports them. It was a fun moment."

Nowadays, with a majority of Gaga's looks being designed in house by her Haus of Gaga team, there isn't much opportunity for Siriano to design another one-of-a-kind for her. "I always say, 'Good lord, now I can't even get her to try on something,'" he joked. "But it was good. Right, I mean I might [have to get a job at the [article id="1625758"]Haus of Gaga[/article]]. I might have to, [but] I'm alright."

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