Dr. Dre Raps On Leaked Remix Of Kardinal Offishall's 'Set It Off'

DJ Skee premieres the new track on his radio show Monday night.

For someone who has teased a new album for more than seven years, [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] sure hasn't released many verses to tide his fans over. The Doc's bars have been sparse, popping up on [artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist]'s on "Bounce" for 2007's Shock Value and on [artist id="1133"]Snoop[/artist]'s "Imagine" for The Blue Carpet Treatment in 2006.

A couple of weeks ago, DJs [artist id="2841"]Big Mike[/artist] and [artist id="1191736"]Neptune[/artist] leaked an unfinished track called "Crack a Bottle," on which we heard [article id="1601212"]Eminem referring to rhymes by Dr. Dre[/article]. But on Monday night, somebody got their paws on more new Doc music, and on this one, the hip-hop icon actually raps.

Dre appears on the remix of [artist id="1210186"]Kardinal Offishall[/artist]'s "Set It Off," featuring the [artist id="1189492"]Clipse[/artist], which premiered on DJ Skee's syndicated radio show on Monday. Skee said Dre recorded his rhymes for the song several months ago. After Interscope head Jimmy Iovine sent B-roll from the song's video, Dre couldn't contain his excitement, according to Skee, and he decided to lay down his own bars on the song. The new version of "Set It Off" was all set to be released, but the plans were derailed when [article id="1591395"]Dre's Detox LP[/article] got pushed back to 2009. According to another source, Monday's leak was not supposed to happen.

On the song, Dre boasts that getting the short end of the stick, in any circumstance, is not an option for him. "I'm about to set it off," the legendary music man warns. "Think I'mma lose? Then bet it all."

Later, he speaks of his comeback and shoots down rumors that he was retiring. "I heard a lot of ni--as quittin', but I ain't done," Dre insists. "Ring the alarm/ I make it hotter than hell (hell, yeah!) ... / You clowns know who the crown belong to/ And I can set it off, if you want me to."

"Set It Off" is a single off of Offishall's latest LP, Not 4 Sale, which came out on September 9 via Akon's Konvict Music imprint. Offishall declined to comment for this story. According to Eminem and Interscope records, Dre's Detox is slated to be released sometime next year, after the release of [article id="1599568"]50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct[/article] and Slim Shady's [article id="1600103"]Relapse.[/article]

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