These Marvel New York Comic-Con Exclusives Are Too Adorable To Live

Skottie Young returns to design New York's most collectible swag.

Back before San Diego Comic-Con, we teased that Marvel Comics would be releasing the most squee-worthy collectibles of the Con. Well guess what? They're back for New York Comic-Con, and life will never be the same!

Okay, maybe a LITTLE dramatic, but check out these adorable little Skottie Young designed babies that will only be available at NYCC:

Marvel Comics


And just like SDCC -- and Pokémon -- you're gonna have a hard time catching them all. And the Daredevil, Punisher and Spider-Man Unmasked pins will be available in limited quantities throughout the convention: spend $30 at the Marvel Shop and you’ll be able to purchase one, $65 to purchase two or $90 to purchase all three.

They're all available at the Marvel Booth (#1354) and get out of my way they're mine MINE I SAY.

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