Miranda Cosgrove Bus Accident Details Emerge

'iCarly' star's driver was the most seriously injured in the 'life-threatening' crash.

After news broke on Thursday that [article id="1668878"]Miranda Cosgrove had been injured[/article] in a tour bus accident, new details are emerging about what is being described as a potentially "life-threatening" accident.

The "iCarly" star and her fellow passengers, including her mother, were shaken up by the crash, according to multiple reports. On Friday (August 12), Cosgrove, who had yet to comment publicly on the accident, took to Twitter to let her fans know she's doing fine and appreciates all of their support."Thank u so much for all your messages," the teen star tweeted. "They mean so much to me. Yesterday was extremely scary & I'm just so happy everyone's gonna be okay."

TMZ reported that it was dark out when Cosgrove's bus came across a semi-truck, en route to Kansas, the next stop on her Dancing Crazy Tour. The singer/actress' bus driver decided that instead of trying to swerve out of the way of the truck, he would hit the brakes and face the vehicle head on. He was the most seriously injured of the group, and was airlifted to a local hospital, where he received as many as 45 stitches. He is currently in stable condition, according to sources.

Photos from the crash show extensive damage to front of the bus and the semi-truck appeared to have overturned onto the side of the road.

"Miranda's mom was on the bus with her and got really beaten up by the crash," a source told People. "She's expected to fully recover, but it's scary because the driver was hurt, too, and he's in really bad shape."

The source added that the teen star was "really shaken up" by the crash. "A piece from the tractor-trailer went straight through the windshield and the driver's arm was sliced all the way through," according to the magazine's source.

Cosgrove had been sleeping on a couch at the front of the bus when the accident occurred. Those sleeping in the bunks farther back were not injured.

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