Sandra Bullock Oscar Tribute Was 'Magical,' Forest Whitaker Says

Best Actress winner's 'Hope Floats' director was 'glad to be a small part' in her big day.

Moments before [movieperson id="8456"]Sandra Bullock[/movieperson] took the stage at [article id="1633366"]the Oscars[/article] on Sunday night to accept [article id="1633367"]her statue for Best Actress[/article], [movieperson id="103255"]Forest Whitaker[/movieperson] spoke glowingly about Bullock as part of a tribute to the women nominated in the category.

Having directed her in the 1998 romantic drama "Hope Floats," Whitaker expressed his awe for the depth of Bullock's art and the ease with which she connects with the camera. Days later, Whitaker, an Oscar winner himself for "The Last King of Scotland," was thankful he was able to pay tribute to his friend and colleague.

"It meant a great deal to me [that] I got a chance to work with her before," Whitaker told MTV News on Tuesday (March 9) while promoting the sci-fi flick "Repo Men." "I just fell in love with her as person. I think she's a great artist. I knew it was something she wasn't sure would happen. It was a magical moment for me, because her work was beautiful and I think she is beautiful. I was glad to be able to be a small part, being there when she got to have it."

He was not, interestingly enough, asked to pay tribute to Bullock during an awards show the day before the Oscars. "They didn't have me at the Razzies," he joked. "But I had some Razzies once."

At the Golden Raspberry Awards on Saturday night, given annually to the worst performances of the year, Bullock surprised everyone by showing up to accept her [article id="1633373"]Worst Actress award for "All About Steve."[/article] The next night, of course, she took home Best Actress for "The Blind Side."

On Tuesday afternoon, Whitaker's "Repo Men" co-star Jude Law had an important question. "Has that ever happened before, that someone won a Razzie and then an Oscar in the same year?" he asked. "It's amazing, isn't it?"

The answer is that it's never happened before in an acting category. But both "Repo Men" stars agreed it was a very slick move for Bullock to show up at the Razzies.

"It is cool," Whitaker said. "That's the way she is."

"It's genius," Law said.

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