Kevin Gates Just Realized He's Been Sleeping With His Cousin


It's an honest mistake, really: Kevin Gates is sleeping with his cousin.

The rapper admitted as much on an Instagram video earlier this week. "N---as be talkin' about, 'Yeah, Y'all look like brother and sister,'" the Louisiana native said to the camera. "Sh-- no. I'm f--kin' the sh-- out her, come to find out she my cousin, you heard me?"

Not something you hear everyday, right? But here's the thing -- he has no plans on putting a stop to the relationship.

"But I ain't bout to stop f--kin' with her," he said. "Sh--, the p---y good and we click. Sh--, I ain't grow up with you knowing you was my people. I don't get tired."

He then posted another video -- probably triggered by some of the responses he was getting -- where he explained his unpopular decision.

"Man, y'all gonna stay out my motherf--kin' business," he said. "So you mean to tell me, if you've been f--kin' with somebody for three months, you heard me, everything beautiful, and your grandmother come tell you one day, 'You know that's your cousin?' Y'all done got the hard part out the way! Why f--k up a good thing?! I don't get tired."

Is Gates trolling us? Is he serious? Is it a first cousin? A distant cousin?

Either way, maybe he should check out this interview Dr. Oz did with "The Breakfast Club" on Power 105 earlier this week, where he addressed this exact issue.

"If you're more than a first cousin away, it's not a big problem," he said. "Every family has genetic strengths and weaknesses. The reason we crave people who are not so like us is because you have to mix the gene pool up a little bit. So that if I have one gene for, let's say hemophilia, which is a classic example, where you bleed a lot if you cut yourself, I don't want to marry a cousin who has the same hemophilia gene, because the chances of our child having both those genes is much higher."

And there you have it, folks.

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