19 Times Doug The Pug Was An Instagram Cameo Superstar

Pug puns on pug puns on pug puns.

On Sunday, Doug The Pug and Ed Sheeran hung out. We don't know why.

They might've crossed paths in Doug's home city of Nashville, where Ed stopped for a show on his sprawling x Tour. Or maybe Doug's making a cameo appearance on FX's "The Bastard Executioner," which Ed also has a role on? (Definitely not.)

Or maybe it's just a very casual meeting of the minds -- a meeting of the red minds.

Doug's been popping up across the celeb-o-sphere for months now, recreating iconic Justin Bieber photos and fake-joining One Direction and even treading hard into Taylor Swift territory. And he basically met everyone there was to meet at last month's Billboard Hot 100 Festival.

But what Doug seems to do best is meet celebs (or make dream-cameos) while wearing the most ridiculous-slash-baller wigs and outfits. Cases in point:

Christina Perri

As a penguin.

Katy Perry

As a wannabe "California Gurl."


As the fifth member of Pugatonix.

One Direction

As the fifth (sixth?) member of Pug Direction.


As the inspiration for her album Puglands, obviously.

Justin Bieber


Little Mix

As the inspiration for "Pug Magic," maybe?

Dillon Francis

As matching tongues-out bros.


As a single pug.

Adrian Grenier

As a classy kerchief-wearin' gentlemen.

Hayley Williams

As yet another smoocher.

Tori Kelly

As a hair twinzie.

Meghan Trainor

As a pre-show BFF.

Adam Devine

As a "Pitch Perfect" pooch.


As a guest DJ.

Mat Kearney

As a pug-harmonizer.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

As some serious competition.

Megan & Liz

As a third wheel. JK.

Andrew McMahon

As a Jack's Mannequin pug-stan.

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