Here's How The 'High School Musical' Cast Prove They're Still In This Together

Some of the squad hung out this Halloween.

If you thought you and your friends won Halloween this year, guess again! Several "High School Musical" stars spent the spooky holiday together, sporting some seriously rockin' costumes.

Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Ashely Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens all met this weekend to party it up, while simultaneously making preteen you scream with excitement. Of course, this isn't the first reunion the cast has had in a while. Nope, they congregated in Burbank, CA back in July to help celebrate the premiere of Disney's "Descendants."

Bleu, aka Chad Danforth, went as Lenny Kravitz (the rocker, not "The Hunger Games" character Cinna).

His fiancée Sasha Clements was also at the party (duh) dressed as an angel. Clements also shared on Twitter their couple's costume from last Halloween: a cop and an inmate.

Danforth's old East High Wildcats flame Taylor McKessie (Coleman) went as Dionne from "Clueless."

They both KILLED it.

Of course, what's a "HSM" party without Gabriella Montez (Hudgens) and Sharpay Evans (Tisdale)?

"In Wonderland with my woes ????," captioned Coleman. Hudgens went as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland," while Tisdale went as what appears to be the Queen of Hearts. (Also, Tisdale's dog Maui went as a very ~fearsome~ shark.)

And, the night wouldn't be complete without a group pic, because (dare we say it?), "They're all in this together."

Well, minus Zac Efron (Troy Bolton) and Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans), unfortunately. Neither of the former Wildcats have shared what they did for Halloween/what costume they dressed up as, so we're left to our imaginations on this one. And Boi the dog, although not a Halloween costume, wore this adorable shirt on Oct. 24. (FYI, his daddy is Kenny Ortega, director of the "High School Musical" films.)

Nice job, everyone. You all definitely looked fabulous.


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