Infographic: The X-Men Movie Chronology

Thirteen years of X-Men movies can make keeping track of plot points pretty complicated. While flashbacks and origin stories often help make for great character development and allow audiences to see many of the mutants beyond simply "the dude who shoots lasers from his eyes" and "the naked blue ex-wife of John Stamos," it's still a daunting task to try to patch together just what events happened first, as well as where all of these movies fit together within the X-Men continuity.

Face it, with the far-east foreign setting of "The Wolverine" and the brain-twisting time travel plot of next year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past," timekeeping isn't gonna get any easier.

To help preserve the sanity of continuity-seeking X-fanboys and fangirls everywhere, we offer a little glimmer of hope. The X-Men Movie Chronology below maps out some key events and flashbacks from the X-films and indicates which events have been depicted by each film. Don't let the film overlaps fool you: some events, such as Magneto's Holocaust-provoked discovery of his magnetic powers and Wolverine's Weapon-X adamantium infusion, have been portrayed in two or more of the films, sometimes with different actors playing the same roles. And you wonder why it all gets so confusing.

Click the graphic below to embiggen: