DJ And Kimmy Are All Grown Up In The New ‘Full House’ Spinoff

Sing it with me now: "Whatever happened to predictability?"

Now that April Fool’s Day is over and we can finally trust the Internet again (kinda), allow us to get overexcited about today’s almost-too-good-to-be-true TV news. According to TV Line, Netflix is planning to revive “Full House,” the ABC sitcom that ran from 1987-95 and introduced us to John Stamos’ Elvis impersonation and catchphrases like “how rude!” and “you got it, dude!”

The 13-episode spinoff is tentatively titled “Fuller House” (love it) and will star Candace Cameron Bure in her role as D.J. and Andrea Barber as her dim-witted and hilariously invasive BFF, Kimmy Gibbler.

A ton of “Full House” vets are reportedly on board, too. The project is being helmed by the show’s original creator, Jeff Franklin, and John Stamos has been tapped for an executive producing role. He and fellow “Full House” vets Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are also being courted for guest appearances (which hopefully means Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen twins will follow suit!).

Details about the series are still scarce, but it’s definitely enough to whet our appetites for what we can only imagine will be a must-watch show. Honestly, we can’t think of a better dynamic to zero in on than DJ and Kimmy’s unbreakable bond — their friendship was such an integral part of “Full House.” And luckily, Candace and Andrea are still really close friends in real life!

D.J. and Kimmy would be almost 40 years old now (!!!), so we’re guessing “Fuller House” will chronicle their adulthood ventures and family lives of their own (even though it’s borderline terrifying to imagine Kimmy as a wise, responsible adult). In any case, here are some of the classic D.J./Kimmy dynamics we hope to see brought back to life.

First thing’s first: D.J. HAS to have ended up with Steve.



Viper had that whole ~bad boy~ thing going on and Nelson was rich AF. But it’s the eternally hungry Steve that will always be our first pick for D.J.

And Kimmy better still be with Duane.



True, Duane had an unreasonably tiny vocabulary (“whatever!”) but his infinite chill totally balanced out Kimmy’s wild side. Besides, there was that one episode where he showed his depth by reciting a whole passage from Shakespeare! If they bring him back, we’d love to see him as an English professor or something equally as shocking.

D.J. reminds Kimmy of her true potential.



The truth is, Kimmy needed D.J. in her life to let her know when she was veering out of control. What if D.J. hadn’t been there when Kimmy got trashed at that college party and attempted to drive home? Or what if D.J. hadn’t convinced Kimmy not to go through with her silly elopement plan? While we hope Kimmy’s become somewhat more mature in adulthood, we also hope they’ll be more scenarios where D.J. can prove why she’s the ultimate BFF.

Kimmy’s still as fabulously unique as ever…and she KNOWS it.



She wore weird clothes. She had stinky feet. She snored. Kimmy had every quirk in the book, and we hope those carry on into her adult life. But we’d also love to see her embrace her inner vixen from time to time. Remember that one episode in season three where Danny, Jesse, and Joey look into the future and discover Kimmy grows up to be attractive as heck? She tells them, “Eat your hearts out, boys. Too bad you weren’t nice to me when I was a kid.” This would be an IDEAL scenario to bring back.

Instead of Kimmy constantly copying from D.J.’s homework, she steals her parenting techniques.



Let’s face it, imagining Kimmy Gibbler as a mom is just scary. We all saw what happened when the kid she once babysat got his head stuck in a stair railing (she lathered him in butter to pull him out, FYI). Chances are, Kimmy will need some help in the parenting department, which is where D.J. and her predictably Danny Tanner-like empathy will come in handy.

D.J. and Kimmy try and fail together.



Whether they were attempting to put makeup on for the first time or start their own band, the girls were constantly screwing things up in the most hilarious ways. We’d love to see them fail spectacularly at modern-day feats like this or snooping on their kids’ Instagrams.

D.J. and Kimmy’s bond is as unbreakable as ever.



At the end of the day, “Fuller House” is only going to work if Candace and Andrea can revive the onscreen friendship that we originally fell in love with. But because they’re still friends IRL, that shouldn’t be too hard. HUGS ALL AROUND!

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