The 11 Types Of Man Buns You’ll See On #ManBunMonday

The Internet is full of hot guys with hair ties.

Thanks to Instagram, sometimes a case of the Mondays just means a case of staring at long-haired hotties. That usually makes for a good day, which is probably why #ManBunMonday has grown its luscious locks into #TopKnotTuesday and even #SundayBunday. Man buns come in all shapes and sizes, and while no two are the same, here's a definitive guide to what you can expect on any given Man Bun Monday.

The Pre-Bun

Does a man bun begin at conception? With over 4k likes, you're damn right it does.

The Business Bun

This is the only kind of "business in the front, party in the back" that anyone will take seriously.

The Taken Bun

Girls posting pics of their boyfriends might be the driving force behind this trend's popularity. When they add themselves to the mix, they're saying that this bunned man is also a kept one.

The DILF Bun

A version of the Taken Bun, these DILFs are also referred to as "bun daddies" on social media. It is the most nurturing and responsible stage of the man bun, and thus, the most irresistible.

The Baby Bun

Often a direct result of a dad with a bun, these toddler top knots give us hope for future generations of awesome hair. We've come a long way, babies.

The Zen Bun

Namaste? More like NamaSTUD. Am I right, ladies?

The Domestic Bun

The only thing hotter than a guy that can cook a meal is one who won't get his gnarly surfer hair in it.

The Morning Bun

The man bun that's perfect for dudes who aren't comfortable quoting the Beyonce lyric, "I woke up like this."

The Puppy Bun

Joining forces with the similarly significant trend #ManBunsAndPuppies, this bun is man's other best friend.

The Gym Bun

It's hard for guys to come up with excuses to shamelessly post shirtless selfies. Now they can claim it was about the bun and not the body, even when we all know the truth.

The Pioneering Bun

If you thought most bunned babes were ahead of their time, wait until you meet these innovators. They're living proof that man buns can evolve just like the guys wearing them.

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