Penn Badgley’s Joe Gets A New 'Love' For 'You' Season 2

The actress jumps from 'Hill House' to 'You'

Fresh off its Netflix success, You is preparing Joe Goldberg's (played by Penn Badgley) Season 2 return — and they've just found his next victim obsession female lead in Victoria Pedretti. Netflix aficionados will recognize the actress from The Haunting of Hill House, in which she played Nell.

You's deadly Season 1 ending left an opening for a new protagonist after Joe claimed his fifth life with Beck. (He previously killed Benji, Peach, Ron, and, in a flashback, Candace's music rep Elijah.) Joe's pre-Beck love, Candace — whose return at the very end of the season finale surprised us all — could have filled that void, but based on this casting, it seems the show is opting for a different path, taking us from New York to Los Angeles.

Pedretti will play Love Quinn, an aspiring chef and produce manager for a high-end grocery store. So, after Joe kills his latest love and bumps into his first love, he heads to L.A. where he meets this aptly named new Love.

Unlike Beck, Love doesn't care for social media and instead puts her energy into actually living an interesting life (as opposed to just seeming like her life is great on the internet). Love senses a life-changing grief in Joe that mirrors her own, which serves as the starting point for their bond.

It's not yet clear whether Joe will fall in love with Love or if he'll see her as more of a friend, but Love's enigmatic existence sounds like something that super-stalker Joe would view as a thrilling challenge. Regardless of the depth of their relationship, he'll probably need to tread lightly during their loss-centered conversations — or else he risks finding himself in yet another situation where he has no choice but to commit murder.

Although, given his track record, I'm not feeling too good about Love's odds, even if Love does always find a way...

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