50 Cent One-Ups Jay-Z With $300-Million 360 Deal (Maybe)

What’s good enough for Madonna and Jay-Z must be good enough for 50 Cent, right?

Wrong! $150 mill is walking-around money for the G-Unit general, which is why we weren’t that surprised when reports surfaced late Wednesday that 50 was getting ready to sign a $300 million deal with News Corp’s MySpace that would cover all his Unit-related activities.

Being the skeptics that we are, we tried to contact MySpace (no reply), 50’s current label Interscope (no reply), and a source at G-Unit Records (no comment) about this alleged ten-year deal that would reportedly include: shifting all G-Unit artists and operations to a new G-Unit label under the MySpace banner, marketing and selling all touring under a new News Corp. company, the acquisition of 50’s site, and a new production studio for all his film and TV projects.

Oh, and according to Media Takeout’s exclusive, half the deal will be for stock, which would make 50 “one of the largest shareholders of News Corp.” Whoa! Holy crap!

Unlike our friends at Idolator, we’re not trying to say Media Takeout got this wrong, like, say, the Nate Dogg story they had to apologize for. We’re just going to hold out until 50 calls us himself to come check out his new office next to Uncle Rupe’s joint.

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