Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' Director Says Drake's Verse Inspired Video

'I want us to get married, I want us to push the envelope,' Chris Robinson recalls Nicki Minaj telling him before filming.

For Chris Robinson, the director behind [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj'[/artist]s "Moment 4 Life," inspiration for the clip arrived as soon as he heard Drake rap on the Pink Friday track.

Robinson recalled listening to the song when he caught the [article id="1656837"]Thank Me Later star spit[/article] the line "F---, me and Nicki Nick getting married today." He knew right then where he wanted to take the visual. Robinson then aimed for [article id="1656759"]matrimonial bliss[/article] between the two Lil Wayne protégés.

"I stepped back and took her idea [to make it celebratory] and listened to her lyrics," the director told MTV News. "The one lyric that was there that really struck me was in Drake's verse. And I remembered all the [article id="1646729"]rumors about her and Drake[/article] and thought it could be ill if we turned this into a fantasy world: 'Let's not do the usual modern home and all the accoutrements; let's think of this in a fantasy world.' And then when I presented her with that idea, she took it a step further. 'I want us to get married, I want us to push the envelope on this video, I want this video to really matter because this song means so much to me,' " he recalled her saying.

In the video, Nicki and Drake get married, kiss and live in bliss as the clock strikes midnight -- but with no fairy-tale repercussions for the Queens lyricist. Instead, Minaj's fairy godmother presents her with a [article id="1656836"]chance at a better life[/article].

Nicki spoke about her co-star in an exclusive interview with MTV News after the Thursday night [article id="1656829"]premiere of "Moment 4 Life."[/article] She revealed of all of her music-video leading men, Drizzy had made her feel the most comfortable.

"That energy is amazing," she said. "I just have a special place for him. He always makes me feel like it's OK, you know, just chill, relax, jokes. It's never to the point where I don't want to be there anymore, 'Let's wrap this up.' Having Drake there, it felt like we could have shot a second day for this video, and I could be fine. He's someone I look up to, he got a head start. So he's able to tell me things I don't know and I can confide in him."

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