Are Rita Ora And Rihanna Officially Making Head Harnesses A Thing?

Rita Ora in London on June 24, and Rihanna in London on Feb. 28.

Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

Ladies, we need to talk. You may remember back in February when we saw Rihanna sporting a confusing head harness/visor/hat thing while in London, but we brushed it off thinking, "Those Brits and their kooky hats! RiRi is just living the moment, soaking up her culture, and being a fun and fashion-y gal!" But, you guys, IT'S BAAAACK. *horror movie scream* Earlier this week Rita Ora stepped out in another version of this bondage headgear, and we are SO. CONFUSED. Like, what is it? It has a brim so it's technically in the hat/visor territory, but all those random straps and buckles are making us second-guess ourselves. Also, beads?! That's basically a HEADBAND then. Why does a visor need so many straps? Why won't someone tell us what's going on?! *sobs*

But f'real, we need to take a closer look at Rita's suspicious headgear and get to the bottom of this emerging trend. First off, we found this bad boy doesn't come cheap—it costs $395 to snatch one of these up. But you know what? The product description even makes US feel better about our hot and cold feelings about this head accessory—it has the words "harness," "visor," AND "hat" all in the same sentence. WHEW. It's a lot to handle, and when we Google Image searched "head harness" to find out more info on this questionable item the results were, well, hi-larious aaaand gave us absolutely no more insight into the item at hand. But we actually TOTALLY support the '90s visor trend coming back just in time for summer, but we're so used the go-to plastic and canvas versions that a visor in bondage-y leather kinda freaks us out. Like, would it be appropriate to play tennis in this? It seems... sweaty. And dungeon-y? Either way, we're giving this look a serious side-eye for now, but maybe we'll warm up to these headpieces as time goes on. Or we get seriously into S&M. You know, whichever comes first.

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